Battle of Big Bethel Re-Enactment

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June 11th, 2005

 Battle of Big Bethel Newport News, VA


The Battle of Big Bethel re-enacted this day, but originally took place June 10th, 1861.  Approximately 3500 Union soldiers engaged 1200 Confederate soldiers and the confusing fight ended up being considered a Confederate victory. The was the first Civil War land battle in Virginia, and the first Confederate fatality of the Civil War was from this battle. The Confederates wound up with 7 wounded. The original battle did not take place at Endview Plantation.  It took place at Big Bethel Church. I believe the church was torn down, and rebuilt, but rebuilt some years later and not on the original site, but a couple miles away.  If I can figure out where it is, I plan to get photos of that soon. It's only a street away from me!  On this day, there was one small truck offering drinks and some minor food items.  There were no restrooms in the area. There were tents in the front selling some Civil War replicas and other items. 


Camp Laundry, Confederate Quarters, Encampment, Hanging out and Women in Camp


Left to right: Winter Quarters, Horses, Inside bunk, Provost Marshall's Hut and  Napping


Left to right: Cheese!, "Wait, aren't you guys enemies?", Calvary Arrives, "What side are you on?" and Firing a Cannon


Left to right:  Loading canon, Marching Unit, Marching Away, Meeting in the Woods, and the North fights in the woods


Left to right: North Fires, The North Marches, Drummer Boy and Troops, The South Fires and the South fires into the trees


Left to right: The South in formation and Taking Position


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