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No ticket or pamphlet


June 9th-12th, 2011

 Harborfest Norfolk, VA


Well it appears we missed two more years of Harborfest. This was a free concert (no ticket and my pamphlet got soaked in the rain so we threw it out). It depends on the guests if we go. This year we went because the Temptations were there, but alas, it was super hot, super crowded, we got there just when it was starting meaning we got lousy seats and in the middle of the concert it started to downpour for HOURS and they closed the festival. I did mange to get a Lemonade, hear a couple songs and take some photos though. I know one of the members passed. Then  the group fractured and started other bands. This is the group started by Dennis Edwards called "Temptation Review"  Enjoy:   


1) David Sea, Paul Williams and Mike Patillo 2) I do not know the back up band's names but this was the drummer 3) All five "Temptations" 4) Closer photo of all five current day members.


1) The whole band 2) Chris Arnold, Mike Patillo and Paul Williams 3)  That's Dennis Edwards I think or Dave Sea I think... Not sure 4) The Brass section


1) Back up Band 2) The whole band 3) Security way up top of a bank building-I just thought this was an interesting photo  4) Looking down at the beginning of Harborfest (see where tent starts). It's long... can't see from here but it's a LOT of tents. DOZENS.


1) The Crowds and a vendor (tons of these truck vendors line the streets selling corndogs, lemonade, fried Twinkies, seafood and anything else  you can imagine. Even lottery tickets 2) the crowd 3) the obligatory photo of the USS Wisconsin


Links that might be interesting (some of the bands that played):

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