Hampton Carousel

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July 29, 2006

Hampton Carousel Hampton, VA


     The Hampton carousel is one that I never saw though I've been in and around the Virginia Air and Space Center a dozen times. I heard it was near the Pirate festival too and we walked by it and i never noticed it.  Finally, curiosity got the better of me and we went.  It's gorgeous!  It is in pristine shape; from the floors, to the mirrors to the horses to the paintings...  The Carousel was built in 1920 and restored in 1991.  The paintings were done by Russian, German and Italian immigrants which are all original.  The mirrors and the organ are original as well. There are 48 horses.  There are only 170 working Carousels in the US and this is one of them. It is only one dollar to ride it!

 Left to right: 1) The building it's housed in 2) Darker horses 3) Lighter horses 4) Mixture of Horses 5) Virginia Air and Space Center


1) Close up of Cart 2) Close up of a horse 3) Close up of a panel 4) Close up of top panels 5) The Dock to the left of the Carousel


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