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September 2nd, 2006

Lynnhaven Mall Virginia Beach, VA


     The Lynnhaven mall carousel is located on Virginia Beach.  I only included this because I know some people are carousel aficionados.  I have a neighbor who is one. This carousel is a newer one, it's not made of wood I don't think.  However, it's very pretty and has two layers and is kept up well. This carousel is made by Island Carousels.  We've been to this mall many times; but today on the way to a concert, we decided to take a photo since I had my camera with me.


 Left to right: 1) Full view of the carousel 2) Steps leading to second tier 3) One of the horses


1) Top of the bottom tier of the carousel 2) Closer view of the carousel 3) Under top tier of the carousel


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