Endview Plantation

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June 11th, 2005

 Endview Plantation Newport News, VA


 Endview Plantation is just a small, typical plantation of the south. They re-enact the battle of Big Bethel here, though we believe the actual battle took place a couple miles away. The inside of the house is available for viewing; I did not go in; Scott went in briefly and said it was cramped with the tourists and only a few rooms  you can see (it's not that big anyway).  There's a small gift shop in the basement.  No food in the house allowed.  There is one place available ONLY during the re-enactment to get food and a drink; but normally there is no place to eat/drink or even use the restroom on the grounds.  Cost:  $6 Adults, $5 Seniors Students 7-18 $4 and children under 7 free.  Hours: Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.  Open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-4 pm and Sunday 1-5 pm. Open Tuesdays by Appointment only for special groups.  The re-enactment is an annual event and the cost of that is separate from the house tour.  During the re-enactment, the price is the same as above for the re-enactment, but the house tour is discounted to $3 each (and during this time, no one checked bracelets and all the people seemed to go in free).  Recommend bringing sun block, hat, sunglasses, good walking shoes and plenty of water.  See Re-Enactment separately HERE.  There were three places we did not take photos of.  A small cemetery out back (separate from the one at left which contained only two family members) which was falling apart and contained various family remains (some which were illegible), a small natural spring and (and what could've been a small well or pump) and another small outbuilding which we didn't go to (very small and shed-like).  



Left to right: Front of main house, main house again, back of the main house, out building and more out buildings

Left to right:  Two people buried here: Child and "unknown" person, and Children learning how to be soldiers.


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