Woodrow Wilson House/Presidential Library and Museum

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October 23rd, 2008

Woodrow Wilson House/Library/Museum, Staunton, VA


      We decided it was time to travel to Shenandoah for a mid-week vacation.  We figured fall in mid-week was the best way to see the fall colors as well as beat the crowds. So our trip was Tuesday through Thursday.

      We had done everything we wanted on the first and second day, so left early on the third day with no intentions.  Then I noticed some pamphlets on the way out of the hotel for various places along the drive home.  We decided to stop at antique stores we saw on the way up and hit anything that fancied us we passed by.  However the GPS took us in another direction.  So I looked on the route there, to see if I had any pamphlets stores from that direction and I did.  One was a glass blowing tour and gallery and the other was the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library,  House and Museum. Alas, we didn't find the glass blowing place.  The address given turned out to be a regular house.  It MAY have been a glass blowing place, but it looked like a small run down house in a small run down area and I was scared to get out of the car and ask!  Even if it was, I wonder about it!  So we skipped that and went to the Woodrow Wilson House/Library and Museum.  However, along the way there, we got a barrage of phone calls and problems arose personally which led us to have to hurry back home. So we didn't go in.  I have no idea how much it costs etc so you'll have to visit the site to see.  However, we took photos from the outside, and it's a pretty nice looking place.  The town itself seemed a bit run down though. However, there were a lot of nice homes there (character) with a ton of potential. Not sure about the library entrance; be believe it to be in the back of the house... and not shown there besides the library is the gardens.


1) The Museum entrance/Garage with the Presidential car inside 2) The Sign (the Library we believe is part of the museum 3) the House Wilson grew up in 4) the Museum


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