Yorktown: Cornwallis' Cave

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July 15th, 2006

 Cornwallis' Cave, Yorktown, VA

We went to Cornwallis' Cave which is located in Yorktown.  We had been to the Yorktown Battlefields and visitor's center and this is connected but we missed it the first time and went back.  The cave is small.  It's not much to look at.  It was supposedly a short stay temporary headquarters of Cornwallis during the Civil War.  It may have been used to put gunpowder and supplies.  The odd thing about it, is you can't go inside and it looks SMALL.  I don't even know what those holes were.  The look  like cannon or gun ports, but they seem to have NOT been hollowed out all the way?  The sign reads: Under siege 1781: Early in October, French-American forces closed their grip on the besieged British army in Yorktown and bombarded the town with their combined artillery.  Incessant shellfire drove townspeople to seek shelter under this bluff and forced the British Commander, Lord Cornwallis, to move his headquarters to a nearby cave.  The end came quickly with the British surrender on October 19. Yorktown returned to peace, but never it's former prosperity.  The area where the cave is is on the river.  You can see the Gloucester Bridge from there.  There is a small beach which is attractive looking.  Small quaint and EXPENSIVE shops are along the same one way lane road that goes by the cave.  These shops specialize in antiques, boutique type clothing and souvenirs mainly.  I went into two shops and the antique store was probably 5 times more expensive than other galleries I've been to showing similar pieces.  The beach, view of the bridge, the yacht tour and the surrounding area is attractive and a nice place to walk.  From the photos below, you will see the George P. Coleman Bridge (Gloucester Bridge), a pier and a schooner ship which sails daily from Yorktown. The ship photo was taken from a small and lovely little park (nice place to have a picnic and the pier to fish).  The Cave and beach/park and views are free.  The Schooner has a price so check the official site below for information on hours/days of operation and pricing.  Food and shopping available in the area.  Picnic tables, trash cans, water fountains available at the park. I did not see any restrooms.

     Left to right: 1) Gloucester Bridge 2) Shot of whole cave 3) Entrance 4) Holes which I don't know what they are for 5) Pier


1) Park view of the cruise ship "Alliance".  2) The Ship "Alliance" closer up.


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