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July 15th, 2006

Dudley Digges House, Yorktown, VA

The Dudley Digges House was built about 1760. Digges was a lawyer and a Virginia government official from 1752-81. Along with Daniel Boone, Digges was also one of the seven members of the Virginia assembly that was captured during the surprise British raid on Charlottesville.  The Two plaques say: Dudley Digges built this classic Virginia Tidewater style home around 1760. The outbuildings, well house, kitchen, granary, and smokehouse are typical of those found in the colonial era. The house was restored in 1960 and the outbuildings were reconstructed by the National Park Service in the 1970s.

One of the members of Virginia assembly captured by the British during their Charlottesville raid on June 5, 1781 was the former lieutenant governor, Dudley Digges. Digges’ capture ended his prominent political involvement in the American Revolution.

The Digges family participated in colonial government since the immigration in 1650 of Dudley’s great-grandfather, Edward Digges, from England. Dudley was born around 1728 and by his early twenties was a practicing lawyer in York County. He served in the House of Burgesses from 1752 until the start of the American Revolutionary War. Throughout the war, Dudley remained active in numerous areas of Virginia government, including helping to write the commonwealth’s first constitution and becoming one of the first members of the state council.

Dudley’s home, like so many other Yorktown houses, was damaged during the 1781 siege and rendered uninhabitable. Dudley moved to Williamsburg and died there in 1790. 

Restoration work in 1960 revealed cannonball damage from the siege of 1781.

We were not allowed to go in the home.  There are no restrooms, water, places to eat etc.  Bring good walking shoes and water.

     Left to right: 1) Dudley Diggs home 2) Another view of the Diggs Home



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