The Thomas Archer HOUSE

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July 15th, 2006

Thomas Archer House, Yorktown, VA


The Archer House plaque says, Yorktown had a "great fire" in 1814. This destroyed all but the foundations of this house, thought to be one of Thomas Archer's "Houses Under the Hill". The present restoration is the nineteenth century dwelling built on the older stone foundations. I tried to find information about Thomas Archer.  I couldn't find much. He may have been a politician or possibly a tax collector.  That's all I could find.  I did find that a local archeologist has been working the house and land finding pottery shards, arrowheads and other such artifacts.  The house primarily is there as an example of a colonial waterfront dwelling.  It was used as a home and store for over a century before being restored and taken over by Yorktown Federation.  We were not allowed in the home.


     Left to right: 1) The Thomas Archer Cottage/House



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