Victory Monument

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July 15th, 2006

Victory Monument, Yorktown, VA

The Victory Monument in Yorktown was authorized October 29,1781 by Continental Congress, just after the news of surrender reached Philadelphia.  Actual Construction began 100 years later and was completed in 1884.  The original figure of Liberty atop the Victory shaft was severely damaged by lightening.  It was replaced in 1956.  The shaft of Maine granite is 84' and the statue of liberty adds another 14' for a monument total of 98 feet. The monument was made to commemorate the concluding battle of the Revolutionary War (where allied armies won against the British), which ended October 19, 1781 in Yorktown, Virginia. General Cornwallis and his 7,157 men surrendered to General Washington. 

     Left to right: 1) Victory Monument Far View 2) Scott at monument 3) Victory Monument Medium View 4) Close up of inscription 5) Victory Monument Close View


1) A really old tree that was pretty 2) View of the Coleman Bridge between the trees 3) View of Gloucester across the York river between the trees and 5) Close up of carvings


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