American Music Festival

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Labor Day Weekend, Annually

 American Music Festival Virginia Beach, VA


Below left to right: Beach, Crowd gathering, thousands in the crowd by nightfall and backstage. Miscellaneous information: things to do at the beach besides swimming (not allowed this day because of riptides), roller skate/blade rental, bicycle rentals, there is buses/shuttles available at this specific event annually (satellite parking in 2004 was $7 but buses took you to and from the event so you didn't have to hunt for parking). There's a small carnival on the boardwalk, there are a couple 'adventures' in buildings along the strip like a haunted house, there is plenty of restaurants and seafood, arcades, tattoo places, oxygen bars, shops, hotels, mini golf, boating, fishing, bars/clubs and I even saw Tarot/palm readers, shopping, and people watching. Trolleys at various stops along the strips run $1 each time but you can get a transfer to go back if you ask for it.  Things to bring: Sunglasses, suntan lotion, comfortable clothes and shoes, plenty of cash, towel and umbrella. The main draw are the music events. Most are free, but main bands do cost a little; but the price is very reasonable. Usually $8.00-$15.00 each day for the 2 bands playing the evening show on the 5th street stage.  Or you can get a "Passport" pin for $20 which covers all the bands all the days.  Don't ask me how to get VIP tickets.  You either must be related or know the band or be a receiver of that gift from a major corporate sponsor. See photos of some of the bands in the Concerts area of the site.  You'll see photos, autographs and ticket stubs (for costs and locations/times and idea of what sorts of bands play). The American Music Fest is the largest concert series on the East Coast annually.



Left to Right: 1) A look at the beach 2) Hotels and crowds ready for a concert 3) The Massive Crowd (thousands) 4) VIP tent where we got food and drinks free backstage of the B-52's





We went to the Music Fest again in 2008 (also 2005, 2006 and 2007) but I haven't yet updated my photos from there.  Each time we go, we find a couple new photos.  Next time I'll try to get more stuff like carnival rides and shops etc.


Left to Right: Some stuff you might see at the beach while strolling: 1) Flock of seagulls (sculpture) 2) a musician singing/playing guitar on a hotel back patio where patrons are eating 3) A Dolphin Sculpture 4) A Spooky Manor


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